Date: 21 Sep 2020

30 Free Kids Activities

This has been created with you in mind, so we are throwing a lifeline your way!

Do you feel like this is day 4,378 of quarantine? Are you out of ideas on how to keep the kids busy? Are you losing your mind trying to keep them entertained?

We got you covered for the next 30 days 🙂


1. Go Day Camping – Set up a tent in your yard or living room, bring out paper plates and cups, some snacks or make smores, or share cookies indoor.

2. Do a Puppet Show – Use those socks that don’t have a match, get some markers, yarn, and get creative with your puppets, and have the kids put on a show for you.

3. Make I-Spy Bottle – Voss water bottles work great for this: put sand and small items in the bottle. Before you place the items in the bottle spread them out on the table, take a picture and print it so kids can then circle what they have found.

4. Indoor Sandbox – Be creative with making your sand. Mix 1c of rice, 1 tsp of rubbing alcohol, and few drops of food coloring. If you feel more messy mix 8 c of flour and 1 c of baby oil (this is moldable like moon sand).

5. Tea Party – Get little cups, lemonade/fruit punch, make name tags for all stuffed animals, serve cookies, and put on some fun hats.

6. Create Rainbow Indoors – Place the mirror inside the jar and fill the jar with water, then place it on a table in a dark room. With the light off shine flashlight onto the mirror to create your indoor rainbow.

7. Painters Tape is Your Friend – On your floor create hopscotch or an obstacle maze in the hallway for them to climb to. This will keep them busy and will tire them out too.

8. Scratch Drawings – Cover black construction paper with white toothpaste, let it dry, and have them use toothpicks to scratch out a drawing.

9. Painting with Salt (STEAM) – You will need: school glue, salt, food coloring, water, white card-stock, or watercolor paper and templates for your shapes. Trace the shapes, follow the shape with glue then pour salt on it, shake off excess salt. Once dry use water with food coloring to add a burst of color. 

10. Large Box – Give the kids a large cardboard box, markers, some washi tape, and their imagination will kick in as you have never seen before – boat, bus, school, etc. This will keep them occupied most of the day.

11. Fizz Bathtub Play – Place fizz bath tablets or bath bombs in the tub, give kids some bath markers or paint and they will play as long as you keep adding warm water.

12. Playdough – Easy to make! Set it up on the floor, add all little playsets you have. The sky is the limit and if you ask them to make your food, you can sit on the couch for a good hour.

13. Plastic Flowers – Take different sizes of plastic cups, color sharpies, and color the cups. Next, make cuts down and around till about halfway through the cup, put in a warm oven, (gently heat) and watch them melt and make petals. Take out, cool, and hot glue pipe cleaners as the stem. 

14. Balloon Ping Pong – Blow up a few balloons, give them ping pong or Babington paddles and have them toss the balloon around so it doesn’t hit the floor.

15. Ball Toss – Line up five buckets, label them 10, 20, 30, and so on. Use a small ping pong ball or make a rice ball (put some rice in a sock, tie it) for kids to toss the ball in, and keep their score.

16. Farm Sensory Bin – Brown rice or dirt, depending on how adventurous you want to be (the dirt is more fun). Hide small farm animals and have a bowl with water and toothbrush for the kids to wash off animals as they find them.

17.  Toilet Paper Roll Fun – Use markers to decorate the rolls and cut out a rectangle in the middle. Cut out some circles from construction paper for wheels and make little cars. Perfect for small dolls or superhero characters.

18. Puffy Sidewalk Paint – You’ll need squirt bottles, 1 c flour, 1 c water, and 1/2 c shaving cream, food coloring, and gallon freezer bags. Mix all ingredients in a ziplock bag, cut a corner and transfer to squirt bottles and let them go at it on the driveway – you might be tempted to try that too.

19.  Moon Sand – Super easy to make, 8 c flour, 1 c of baby oil, 2 Tsp of favorite food coloring color. Mix flour and oil in a bowl, once your mixture is smooth add food coloring little by little.

20.  Pom-Poms Tray – Set up a tray or a cookie sheet, place small cups around the tray and fill the tray with colorful pom-poms. Have the kids pick up or sort by color with kitchen tongs or kids play set tongs. Great for motor skills.

21. Sumo Wrestling – Put your husband’s shirt on the child and stuff with a pillow from the bottom, kids can sumo wrestle and roll around.

22. Obstacle Course – Build an obstacle course with small chairs, pillows, blankets, and have the kids race and beat their own time.

23. Sand Fort / Car Wash – Build a sand fort, and place small cars and trucks in, then take them to a car wash. Fill a large Tupperware container with water and give them some toothbrushes so they can wash off the dirt.  

24.  Backyard Fun – Give kids a jar, make holes in the lid, and send them out to see what bugs they can find. Then have them compare their treasures and describe what they found: colors, textures, the number of legs 🙂 . 

25. Treasure Hunt – Perfect for indoor or outdoor. Make a list of treasures they can find and provide them with clues. 

26. Postcards – Have kids draw and write a postcard to a friend mail it, or drop it off by the front door.  They all miss each other especially now. This is great fun, making as well as a nice surprise to receive it.

27. Dress-Up Show – Have the kids put on a show in their dress-up clothes for the whole family.

28. Flashlight Tag – If you want to tire the kids out before bed, pull out a few flashlights and have them play flashlight tag. They will be asleep in no time and you can enjoy your glass of wine.

29. Shaving Cream Painting – Mix shaving cream with food coloring in a bowl and have them paint with it, super fun and fluffy, they can use their fingers to engage their senses.

30. Ice Cream Store – Set up all ice cream toppings, small bowls, little spoons, and have them make their dream bowl of ice cream. 

EXTRA: Something to make your neighbors smile and wonder where it came from: collect rocks, paint them, and leave around your subdivision by neighbors’ front doors.

I hope you enjoy some quiet time once you get the kids set up with those activities, and maybe even a glass of wine. 

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